Associate Producer, RSC Live to cinemas: Henry IV Part 1 2014


The second play in Shakespeare’s  histories, musing on the realities of wielding power. Gregory Doran directs Antony Sher as Sir John Falstaff, Jasper Britton as King Henry and Alex Hassell as Prince Hal. With his crown under threat from enemies both foreign and domestic, Henry IV prepares for war. Hal must confront his responsibilities to family and throne.

Cinema trailers are needed to promote the broadcast. The trailer for Richard II was filmed by Chris McGill at Dusthouse. Henry IV onwards a decision was taken to make them inhouse. The Henry IV trailer (link above)  was our first.

Live in cinemas May 14 2014
International screenings from June
DVD available

Live cinema credits
Produced for the RSC by John Wyver

Associate Producer and lighting director David Gopsill

Assistant producer  Hayley Pepler

Directed for the cinema by Robin Lough

Sound supervisor Andy Rose

Senior cameraman Paul Freeman


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