RSC Timon of Athens DCP released November 20th Watch a tease


Timon has it all – money, influence, friends. Surely it can’t last? When the money runs out, Timon soon finds her influence and friends have also gone. Left alone, she flees Athens to take refuge in the woods, cursing the city she once loved.

Poignant, funny and bitter, Shakespeare’s dark satire forces us to question where happiness really lies.

Main content

Following filming earlier this year and post production completed this week. My work on the  DCP of  Timon of Athens is almost complete. There is a DVD to be finished later this year for release in 2020.

Production credits

Producer John WyverDirector for the cinema Rhodri Huw

Associate Producer and Lighting David Gopsill

Content producer Hayley Pepler

Head of Sound Andy Rose

Head of Cameras Paul Freeman