My last production for the RSC


Richard III was my final production for the RSC. Delivering the DCP for cinema distribution on September 28th the completion of my contract.

Thirty two productions in ten years. Most are available to view online.

Twenty six live to cinema starting with Richard II in 2013 and distrubuted by DCP around the world.

Twenty one recorded in UHD4K starting with Cymbeline in 2015

I am hugely disappointed that the RSC will not complete the recording of all thirty seven plays in the first folio. This was largely due to the financial fallout from the Pandemic. Especially as 2024 will be the 400th anniversary of the printing of the first folio. So near yet…. it will not happen. None of the final three (The Dream, Henry 8th and Pericles) are planned for 2023. Thirty four of thirty seven completed. What a tragedy.

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