Associate Producer, RSC Live in cinemas: As you like it 2019


What ensues is a riotous combination of a feisty cross-dressing heroine, a tartan-clad fool, melodic songs, questionable poetry and laughs aplenty. Will love conquer all, or is it merely a madness?

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Main content

Opening film

Our opening film features stills from past RSC productions of As you like it including some by Angus McBean. The accompanying music is  by Tim Sutton for the present production.

Interviews with three members of the cast

We spoke to Lucy Phelps, Sophie Khan Levy and David Ajao who were Rosalind, Celia and Orlando respectively about their roles and why the production is so relevant today.

Stage picture maker

Our interval feature is about the role of the theatre designer and features the RSC Director of design Stephen Brimson Lewis. He is the designer of  our three live cinema productions in 2019. The film is directed by our Head of content Hayley Pepler

Watch a scene

Rosalind (Lucy Phelps) spars with Orlando (David Ajao) in Act 4 scene 1